Terri-Jean Bedford responds to new proposed prostitution laws

Reprinted with permission

Unlike the government I have read the document in question and had it carefully explained to me by experts. The new law would basically prohibit the purchasing of and advertising of sex for sale. It would also penalize persons who were in an exploitative relationship with sex trade workers. Mr. MacKay called sex work degrading and said other means must also be added by other bodies to enable women to get out of the sex trade.

I see now why Mr. Harper told McKay to table the bill while he was out of the country. The bill is a rework of the old legislation and will fare no better. We may not even need a constitutional challenge to gut it. It spits in the face of the courts and judges will know this. It repeats the legal and safety shortcomings of the old laws. It does not even define what is and what is not a sex act. As a dominatrix I need to know this so I can punish Mr. Harper for such incompetence.

Mr. MacKay called the sex trade degrading. Who the hell is he to tell women they have to only have sex for free? Who the hell is he to tell consenting adults what they can and cannot do in private? How can he stand for a ban on advertising an activity that is legal? I have news for him. Many women love being sex trade workers. Many men who visit sex trade workers, which include some well known members of his own party, are prominent and highly regarded members of society who love their families.

This is the same government that kept insisting that the old laws were constitutional and should be kept. Are we going to believe them now? Neither he nor Mr. McKay nor the dumped Mr. Nicholson would say if they had read the decision of Justice Himel which the Supreme Court endorsed. It said there are plenty of existing laws which address the worst aspects of prostitution, aside from the ones she struck down.

Politics is the oldest profession. Mr. Harper and Mr. MacKay have trumped up incompetent and unethical legislation so they can blame the courts when all restrictions on the sex trade, as distinct from other forms of business, are finally removed. Just like the rest of his “Tough on Crime Agenda” this is a scam and ignores real measures that could be taken to protect Canadian women. Organized crime, human traffickers and exploitative pimps are celebrating today. Mr. Harper is encouraging the women in the sex trade to go underground, where these evil people lie in wait.

7 thoughts on “Terri-Jean Bedford responds to new proposed prostitution laws

  1. Thank you Terri-Jean for that eloquent and truthful statement and thank you Nikki for reposting it. This new legislation is shameful and a slap in the face to all of us who proudly ply our trade. How those who sat and agreed upon this can truly believe they are out do help is beyond reason. The Harper government is a sham, a dictatorship in the guise of a ” concerned government of the people”. I hope the courts will see this as being truly harmful and no better than what was, even worse perhaps.
    To all those who have fought for our rights in spite of public scrutiny and criticism I thank you and appreciate all you have and are doing. Fight the good fight those with sense and a sense of common sense and desire for safe practices will see us through, I hope.

  2. Great analysis Ms. Bedford.

    The new Bill is trash, engineered to enable and unwanted religious/moral agenda, and needs to be rewritten to protect those forced against their will, or underage, but otherwise fully legalize the profession.

  3. I totally agree – the elites agenda always has a dark side – they are the traffickers, the organized crime and exploitative pimps. The beacons of light are their competition and they are trying to eradicate us.

  4. The only thing this proposed “Bill C36” does is to empower and enable scores of future Robert ‘Willie’ Picktons to prey upon, stalk and murder sex workers. If Peter MacKay and his pin-headed minions had the courage of their convictions, they would submit C36 to the Supreme Court of Canada RIGHT NOW, forget ‘second reading’ and get a ruling as to whether this abomination-of-criminalization even passes constitutional muster. Legal scholars across Canada are in largely unanimous agreement even at this early stage, that it does NOT. It is no secret that the Harper regime is on bad terms with the Supreme Court, and this bill is nothing more than a thinly disguised “F–K YOU” to the Court after they struck down those unconstitutional laws last year. IF Canadians have any common sense whatsoever, THEY will issue a hearty ‘F–K YOU’ to Harper and his motley crew come the next election. A very wise man (Pierre Trudeau) said “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.”, and hopefully his son Justin is going to step up to the plate and reinvigorate our Nation with that same sentiment.

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  6. The title of C-36 should properly read “An Act to Facilitate the Murder of Sex Workers”. It is an abomination, an abdication of any pretense by the current government that it possesses a shred of the integrity required to be steward of my country.

    Each Member of Parliament must ask themselves where on their personal scale of moral priorities does expediting the deaths of human beings fit, and vote accordingly.

    (signed) C.H.A.N.G.E. (Clients Hellbent Against Narrowminded Governmental Ethics)

  7. Consider these situations:

    A dentist, charged with helping to preserve healthy teeth, instead drills holes in the enamel and then injects pure sugar to begin the rotting process. Or perhaps a heart surgeon who, instead of performing a heart valve replacement, decides that due to an impending golf game, he’ll just rinse the valve with saline solution and re-attach it (“hey, just needed cleaning!”).

    How about an ophthalmologist who decides that because he’s got a waiting list and it’s backed up, performs laser-vision correction surgery on only ONE eye of the current patient?

    Every one of such hypothetical situations would be considered malicious malpractice, and the perpetrators would be subject to arrest, trial and conviction for such heinous acts.

    How about the chief law enforcement minister who KNOWINGLY introduces a bill that he KNOWS will not pass constitutional muster? A bill that he KNOWS violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

    Meet Peter MacKay, committing legal malpractice on a national scale, trying to force all Canadians to swallow a Conservative sack of moralistic, religious shit masquerading as a legitimate piece of legislation.

    It isn’t enough that C36 must be stopped, Peter MacKay should be driven from office for such fascist behavior in a free and democratic society.

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