Supreme Court of Canada decision, December 20

I’m heading out of town tonight on a long-planned (and non-reschedulable) family vacation, so I won’t be online or reachable when the decision drops tomorrow morning. To my sex worker colleagues and allies, I’ll be with you in spirit, hoping that the SCC upholds Justice Himel’s original decision from September 2010, which would lead to the FULL decriminalization of sex work in Canada.

Fingers crossed, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and let’s hope that the court issues a ruling based on rationality, rather than ideology. Decriminalization is the ONLY choice.

1 thought on “Supreme Court of Canada decision, December 20

  1. Slam dunk! All originally challenged provisions are ruled unconstitutional. The declaration of invalidity suspended for one year to give Parliament the opportunity to craft new, constitutional laws.

    Now the torch has been passed to we the people. Now is the time to gird ourselves for the political fight of our generation in this area of law. We must let our legislators and regulators know what should be done and why. We have fought in the courts, now we must fight in the in-boxes of decision makers. We must fight in the fields and in the streets. And our weapon is education. Political ideologues must be opposed and contradicted at every turn. The hounds of narrow-minded ethics must be leashed in their own muddied backyards. Let them howl impotently at the parade of progress passing down Canada’s main streets. Let the crowds now come to praise and respect our working citizens – not, as heretofore, to bury them.

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