Sex Brains & Money

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from other people – in fact, I’d say I’ve learned more from other people than from any other source, and I’m not talking about books or videos either. I specifically mean that I’ve learned more from conversations with other people than just about any other source. Books only give you the words, which are little more than combinations of letters that evoke concrete and abstract concepts in our minds. Videos or speeches are better, but still don’t have the same potential for interaction. But a conversation is bi-directional, recursive, and dynamic – it takes at least two people participating to make a conversation worthwhile.

Fortunately, I’ve been given a unique opportunity to share some of my more interesting conversations with an audience, through my online TV show on the Network. The goal of “Sex Brains & Money” is to discuss interesting topics – specifically Sex, Brains & Money – with people who have something interesting to say. I’ve had guests ranging from the famous Dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford to Paralympic Gold Medalist Paul Rosen, from Dr. John Vervaeke to’s Robin LeBlanc. I’ve learned  about swinger’s clubs, psychadelic psychotherapies, sex toy shops, charitable organizations, and the fight to include Gay-Straight Alliances in the Catholic School system – all from guests who have honoured me by joining me on the show to talk about topics they’re truly passionate about. For all the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, I always learn something new on every show – and I’m happy to share that knowledge with an audience of interested people.

Here’s a few of my favourite interviews:

Dr. John Vervaeke, discussing “Flow”

Paralympic Gold Medalist Paul Rosen from

Terri-Jean Bedford, describing what it was like to be a Dominatrix (my very first interview, I was super-nervous and all over the place!)

Robin LeBlanc from

Nikki & BonBon closing the show, and discussing Krista Ford’s “Don’t dress like a whore” tweet