Is this man a criminal?

Re-posting an interview I did a while ago. Under the new laws, this man could be sentenced to up to five years in federal prison, which costs taxpayers about $100,000 per year. Is it worth it?

2 thoughts on “Is this man a criminal?

  1. Alternatively, $100,000/yr is cheaper than the base salary of $160,000 we’re paying Members of Parliament. I say charge all MPs and Senators who vote in support of C-36 with conspiracy to commit mass murder, and toss them in the Pen. Use their forfeited Parliamentary Pension dollars to retrain enough sex worker volunteers to be prison guards, assigned to oversee and reeducate them. (The dungeon mistresses can supply the implements of reeducation, gratis).

    The lessons they must learn before a parole board will be permitted to release them back into respectable society:

    “Consent” and “non-consent” are not synonyms.
    “Client” and “predator” are not synonyms.
    “Progressive social change” and “dead sex workers” are not synonyms.

  2. This guy is awesome. After the disparaging remarks of the justice Minister regarding those who purchase sex, “coming-out” today as a client is like “coming-out” as a gay person in the 1950’s in Alabama. Sex-workers have taken an active political role in this climate, clients have for the most part remained voiceless. This may change.

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