LeafsTalk on TalkingSports.TV

We had a great debut at Charley Fitzwhiskey’s on Tuesday! Marty York, Josh Rimer, Brian Wilks and I spent the evening talking about the Leafs’ chances for 2013-2014, and we had some pretty amazing guests join us for phone interviews, including Wayne Gretzky, Pat Quinn, Lanny MacDonald and Bill Watters. Here are the segments from Tuesday:

Segment 1 (20:37): Nikki, Marty & Josh discuss the Leafs’ chances, the Phil Kessel extension, and Dion Phaneuf

Segment 2 (5:03): Nikki, Marty & Josh talk to Lanny MacDonald about the Leafs, the Flames, and life in Fort McMurray:

Segment 3 (6:46): Nikki, Josh & Brian talk to former GM & Maple Leafs coach Pat Quinn about the Leafs, the Phil Kessel extension, and Pat’s Stanley Cup predictions:

Segment 4 (6:55): The Great One Wayne Gretzky! Nikki, Josh & Brian talk about the Oilers’ young core, the Leafs’ chances, and Wayne’s pick for the Stanley Cup:

Segment 5 (13:45): Nikki, Marty & Josh talk to former Leafs Assistant GM Bill Watters about Dion Phaneuf, Phil Kessel, and the Maple Leafs:

Segment 6 (33:13): Leafs post-game discussion with Nikki, Marty, Josh & Michelle Sturino: