Hetaira, Courtesan, Companion – Women of Status & Sexuality

I’m a big fan of the sci-fi TV show Firefly; particularly the character Inara Serra. Played with grace and understated sensuality by the alluring Morena Baccarin, Inara is a respected, high-status courtesan known as a “Companion”.

As she travels the galaxy, Irana Serra provides her delectable sexual favours to an elite group of chosen clients. But much like the famed Geishas of Japan, Irana gives so much more. This because being a Companion is a life-long calling: It is a licensed vocation that requires its practitioners to be extensively trained in the arts, social graces, psychology, and – of course – the finest points of providing pleasure to those clients who meet the Companion’s standards.

Irana Serra may be a fictional character, but the notion of a courtesan being the living embodiment of rich sensuality, informed intellect, and sensitive humanity is a long-standing ideal. In the past, this ideal has been realized in flesh time and again by the appearance of some truly great courtesans.
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