BonBon’s hike through the forest

Another long weekend, another camping trip with BonBon! She’s just over three months old now, and she’s had all her shots, so we finally felt safe bringing her into the woods for a camping trip in the Canadian Shield. We had been hesitant to do so until she had her Rabies vaccine, but now, she’s ready to go hiking just about anywhere!

Our most recent camping trip brought us to Silent Lake Provincial Park, which is up near Apsley, ON. We spent the weekend hiking along the various trails, and letting her run around and frolic near the campsite. She’s able to hike about 6-8 km per day, with frequent breaks to make sure she’s not getting too tired, and after we finish, she falls into a deep sleep for 3-4 hours (which is great for us, because it’s the only time we get a break from her crazy puppy energy!). She’s becoming a perfect hiking and camping companion, with many years of joy ahead of her. Other city puppies should be so lucky! 🙂

Here’s a few pics from the weekend – enjoy!

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