BonBon on the beach

This weekend, we took our puppy to frolic on the beaches of Lake Huron, and she had a great time! Labradors were bred to help fishermen retrieve their nets and chase down waterfowl, so we were a bit surprised when we first took her to the beach, and she seemed scared of the water… not anymore! She also made a new friend, a big Boxer who was much larger than she was, and they played in the sand for a while. She kept jumping on him and being aggressive, even though he was much bigger than she was – we love her fearlessness, I just hope it doesn’t get her in trouble some day.

Also, we were awoken in the middle of the night by a raccoon snooping around our tent, scratching up against the tarp. BonBon got a little scared and decided to cuddle up under the sleeping bag, and squeezed herself in between my partner and I before drifting off to sleep. She’s so adventurous sometimes that I have to remind myself she’s only three months old, and still a baby in so many ways…

Anyways, here are a few pics of our weekend down by the beach!

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