BonBon in the snow

BonBon is almost six months old now, and just about to enjoy her first winter. We decided to spend the weekend up in Huntsville, and took her on a few hiking trails in Algonquin Provincial Park. She had never seen snow before, and she loved it! It was almost a foot deep and pretty much up to her belly, but she romped through it with great delight, only stopping to make sure her human companions weren’t falling too far behind.

Here are some of the best pics of our weekend up north, including a very unique picture we took as we were leaving the park – two moose having an intimate moment by the side of the road! We didn’t want to get too close (bull moose are VERY protective of their mates at this time of year) but we took another pic of them after they saw our car and scurried off into the bushes – I assume they picked up right where they left off after we drove away. 😉

1 thought on “BonBon in the snow

  1. Wonderful photos; absolutely poetic. And of course, BonBon just keeps coming into her own.

    Merry Christmas to her, you and yours!

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