About Nikki

I’m a Toronto-based companion, as well as the former Executive Director of the Sex Professionals of Canada (SPOC). I’m also a three-time graduate from the University of Toronto. I have degrees in Political Science, Sexual Diversity Studies, and Psychology (specifically Cognitive Science, with background in neuroscience as well). Despite my academic background, I find that my career as an independent, self-employed escort has taught me more about human behaviour than any university course ever could.

I’m the former host of an online TV show called “Sex, Brains, & Money” on the AllTalkTV.com Network, where I interviewed interesting people with different things to say about the titular topics. I’m also a strong supporter of animal rights and environmental protections. I’m a keen sports fan, and former co-host of TalkingSports.TV, and I’m the host of the Allegra Escorts podcast, which ran from January to August of 2016.

Some of my better posts used to end up on The Huffington Post Canada, (although as of 2015, I no longer write for the HuffPo.). Occasionally, I have these strange insights on current events or issues that I feel compelled to share; perhaps it’s a result of my overactive and highly-analytical brain, or perhaps it’s my unique education or my unique life. For whatever reason, I sometimes feel like I have something interesting to say, and this is the place where I usually say it. As of December 2015, my blog is essentially inactive, at least in regards to my political activism and writing pursuits, although I do post occasional updates on my life and travels.

Other than that, I’m a huge baseball fan (especially the Toronto Blue Jays), I play guitar (not especially well, at least not yet) and I have an adorable Chocolate Lab puppy named BonBon. We generally spend our weekends exploring the wilderness somewhere outside of Toronto, which is where I’ve lived my entire life. I’m a low-volume companion, and I prefer building deep and intimate connections with long-term, discerning clients who avoid review boards and aren’t looking for a specific “menu of services.” I can be reached via email at nikki.alltalktv@gmail.com, msnikkithomas@protonmail.com (for the security-minded) or via Twitter through my @MsNikkiThomas account.

Obviously, views expressed on this blog are STRICTLY my own, unless specifically stated otherwise, and are not meant to represent anyone’s opinions other than mine. Nothing I write here should be taken as representative of any organization or company that I currently or used to work with, and anything expressed on this site does not represent the opinions of anyone else involved in any of those organizations. Obviously.